Teeth Cleaning – Why Do I Need to Get Them Professionally Cleaned?

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Question: “I clean my teeth twice a day, I have no pain so why do I need to visit the dentist and have my teeth cleaned?”

There are many reasons why you should visit the dentist regularly to have your teeth cleaned. Below are several important reasons which you may or may not thought of…

Gum Disease Prevention

Despite our best efforts at home, it is virtually impossible to remove all plaque from our teeth. While you may think that plaque causes cavities, which it does, the bigger threat is gum disease which results in loose teeth and loss of teeth caused by your jaw bone dissolving away. The most alarming thing about this whole process is that it is silent and can go un-noticed for years.

Professional cleaning is extremely important in prevention of gum disease, where-by a clinician can diagnose and remove this infective agent (tartar) from the teeth to stop this disease progressing. 

Heart Attack, Stroke & Diabetes

Gum disease has been shown, in scientific literature, to have a connection to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many other chronic diseases. While the relationship isn’t completely understood, it is believed that the bacteria present in gum disease enter the blood stream and form inflammatory responses in vessels/tissues around the body. This can then lead to cardiac issues (if the inflammation is in the heart), stroke (if this inflammation is in the vessels of the brain) and it may even have a role to play in vascular dementia. The body of research on this topic is growing and there are also significant links to diabetic blood sugar control and chronic inflammation. 

Arthritis & Artificial Joints

Having gum disease bacteria present in the blood stream also has implications on joint health. With joint replacements becoming common place in todays society, it should come as no surprise that having gum disease bacteria in the bloodstream puts these prostheses at risk of infection and potential failure. Other joint conditions, such as arthritis, are inflammatory in nature and these bacteria have also been located in arthritic joints.

Oral Cancer

The “C” word strikes fear in hearts of everyone and we all know someone who has been affected by this terrible condition. It may or may not surprise you that the mouth is not immune to this condition and Dentists/Oral Health Professionals are trained in the diagnosis of oral cancer.

While regular brushing and flossing are your first line of defense, these are just some of the reasons for having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Not only will you have a fresh, sparkling smile, fresh breath and less risk of cavities but you may even help your general health also.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment if you would like any further information or we can help you achieve your oral health goals. 😊


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