Project Description

Jaw Clenching And Headaches

During our daily lives, our jaws are subjected to repeated stresses and strains from chewing, talking, tooth grinding and habitual clenching. These stresses are collectively known as Bruxism and are frequently just a symptom of physical or emotional stresses. In some cases, this can result in badly chipped or worn teeth, chronic jaw pain, or even long term damage to the jaw joint. We can help you solve this problem by providing a custom bite splint that will prevent premature destruction of your teeth and relieve stress on your jaw.

Botulinum Toxin Therapy

Some patients may have a long term habitual clenching habit and find it very hard to stop themselves clenching or bruxing during the day or sleep.  The pressures from over-active muscle tension can severely damage teeth and cause chronic pain in the jaws.  When bite splints have only offered limited improvement to their symptoms, patients can receive Botulinum Toxin injections into their clenching muscles.  This temporarily breaks the clenching cycle for up to 6 months, and provides much needed pain relief. Dr Tirza Harley leads our practice in this advanced area of jaw clenching management, and has been highly successful in treating patients who suffer this stressful condition.

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