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Professional whitening for a pearly white smile

Most people want a whiter, brighter smile. Unfortunately, no toothpaste by itself can guarantee a whiter smile. Some types of whitening toothpaste are, in fact, very abrasive and may cause a lot of irreversible damage to your teeth and gums. Using products purchased online, or having teeth whitening performed by anyone other than a dental professional, can also cause serious damage to your teeth and surrounding structures. Our experienced dentists and hygienists are trained in the prescription and use of whitening products to ensure you attain your new white, bright smile in the safest manner possible.

Tooth whitening is a simple process, but one that can revolutionise your smile. At Pennant Hills Dental Centre, we have at home and in-clinic whitening options to suit different lifestyles and budgets. You can discuss your whitening goals, whitening options and suitability for the treatment with one of our dental professionals during a consultation appointment. Generally, good oral health is required to be a suitable candidate for professional teeth whitening. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry – with our professional dental care, you’ll be there in no time.

Our teeth whitening options

At Pennant Hills Dental Centre, we offer two types of tooth whitening treatments, take-home whitening kits and in-chair teeth whitening. Below, you can find a bit of information on the different types:

In-chair teeth whitening

In-chair teeth whitening is our most popular option for whitening teeth for several reasons. It typically produces the greatest results because our dentists use a whitening agent with a high concentration. And they’re almost instant results, as this form of whitening teeth allows us to get your teeth multiple shades whiter in just one session. For the best results, it’s important to start with a clean canvas. We generally perform professional teeth cleaning before we perform the whitening procedure.

To whiten your teeth, your dentist will place a rubber dam in your mouth which protects your gums and the rest of your mouth from the bleaching agent. They’ll then apply a medical-grade whitening gel to your teeth before activating it with a special light. Your teeth are whitened in 15-minute intervals for up to an hour, depending on the whitening results you wish to achieve.

At-home teeth whitening kits

If you prefer the idea of whitening your teeth in the comfort of your own home, one of our at-home teeth whitening kits may be the perfect option for you. While the results take a bit of time, you perform your whitening when it suits you, while still using a professional dental quality product. You’ll still require professional teeth cleaning before you begin your at-home treatment, for best results. Once we have given your teeth a good clean, we’ll take impressions of your teeth, which we use for creating your custom whitening trays. We then provide you with everything you need for whitening your teeth in a convenient take-home kit.   

To whiten your teeth, all you need to do is apply the bleaching agent to your whitening trays and wear them in your mouth. Our dentists recommend you wear your whitening trays for roughly an hour per day for two weeks, though this can vary from one patient to another depending on their whitening goals.

Professional teeth whitening Pennant Hills

Why are my teeth discoloured?

There are many reasons, both in and out of our control, why tooth discolouration occurs. Sometimes teeth discolour because of lifestyle factors, other times they can discolour because of a dental health problem. If you have discoloured teeth, it’s important to seek dental care in case your teeth require dental treatments other than whitening to ensure your oral health. 

Below, you can find some of the common reasons why tooth discolouration occurs:

  • Certain food and drinks: Deeply coloured drinks and food items can stain your teeth, for example, coffee, tea, Coke, red wine, curries and various fruits and vegetables.
  • Using tobacco products: Whether you smoke tobacco or chew it, it can cause your teeth to yellow.
  • Poor oral hygiene: Practising great oral hygiene habits really plays a significant role in keeping your teeth white. Poor oral hygiene allows plaque and stains to build up.
  • Diseases: There are multiple diseases that can cause tooth discolouration. These may include metabolic diseases and celiac disease, for example.
  • Certain medications: There are specific medications that can cause discolouration in teeth. These may include some antihistamines, antipsychotics and beta-blockers, for example.
  • Age: Your age can play a significant role in the colour of your teeth. As you get older, the enamel on your teeth slowly wears away, letting the natural colour of your dentin come through.
  • Genetics: Some people just have whiter or thicker enamel than others, thanks to their genetics.
  • Dental trauma: Trauma to the teeth, whether as an adult or child, can cause tooth discolouration, for example, from the enamel becoming disturbed.
  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay is a prime suspect for discolouring teeth. The more the decay progresses, the more the tooth can discolour. If the tooth’s pulp becomes infected, the tooth will darken from the inside out.

FAQs about having teeth whitening

Below, you can find the answers to some questions we commonly get asked about having your teeth professionally whitened:

There can be a few things that may make you a less than ideal candidate for teeth whitening, which can include:

  • Having veneers, bridges, crowns or dental implants (they don’t whiten)
  • Experiencing current oral health conditions, for example, gum disease
  • Excessively worn or damaged tooth enamel
  • Decayed teeth
  • Oral cancer

A dental check-up at our Pennant Hills dental clinic can help you determine if you’d be a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Yes, when performed by a dentist, teeth whitening is a non-invasive cosmetic dental treatment that is completely safe. At Pennant Hills Dental Centre, we ensure you’re a suitable candidate for the treatment before proceeding. We also make use of the latest dental technology and the highest quality of materials when whitening your teeth. So, you can have total peace of mind knowing your teeth are in the safest of hands.

How long teeth whitening results last can vary from one patient to another and ultimately comes down to oral hygiene and lifestyle habits. The better you care for your teeth, the longer your whitening results can be evident for. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day and eating a balanced diet free of heavily staining foods and drinks can help you enjoy your whitening results for up to two years. In the first 24 hours after whitening your teeth, they’re particularly susceptible to staining, so be extra mindful during this time.

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