Project Description

Most people want a whiter, brighter smile. Unfortunately, no toothpaste by itself can guarantee a whiter smile. Some of these toothpastes are very abrasive and may cause a lot of irreversible damage to your teeth and gums. Using products purchased online, or having teeth whitening done by a non-dentally trained professional, can also cause serious damage to surrounding structures. Our clinicians are all trained in the use and prescription of whitening products to ensure your new bright smile is attained in the safest manner possible.

Enamel stains and discoloured teeth can all benefit from teeth whitening. This procedure can be used solely as a way to improve your smile or is sometimes the step prior to crowns or veneers to provide an even more enviable result.

The whole process of tooth whitening is very easy and can be discussed with one of our dentists at an examination/consultation appointment. We offer everything from home whitening kits to professional in-clinic treatments. Our clinicians at Pennant Hills Dental Centre are trained in the latest techniques and can help you get that enviable whiter smile, no matter what your budget is.

To see what a difference our whitening treatments can make to your smile, book an appointment with us and our experienced team will talk you through the options available.