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Accredited Dental Practice in Pennant Hills

Pennant Hills Dental Centre is an Accredited Dental Centre. This means that we have been independently recognised for successfully meeting the requirements and criteria based on the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards.

Dental practice accreditation involves establishing a culture of quality and patient safety. The entire team at Pennant Hills Dental Centre has received the necessary education and training to make this possible. As a practice, we’re dedicated to constantly re-evaluating, reviewing and improving upon this high standard.

Why accreditation matters

It’s a big deal because, unlike our public sector colleagues who must be accredited, private practices are not required to undergo the same procedure. Thus, not every dental practice is accredited. In fact, only a few dental practices in Australia (under 20%) meet the strict standards required to achieve accreditation.

Practice accreditation is a voluntary process, designed for practices, like Pennant Hills Dental Centre, which look to provide the highest quality of treatment for their patients. In becoming an accredited practice, we’re committed to improving safety and quality customer service continually for our patients, both in and out of the dental chair.

By choosing an accredited dental practice, you can be confident that the dental team is educated, engaged and dedicated to implementing systems, processes, a culture, and a level of service delivery that meets a nationally recognised set of standards. As part of accreditation, our compliance goes under review every 2 years to ensure our dedication to the highest standards of quality and safety. So, each time you visit Pennant Hills Dental Centre, you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving the best standard of health care available.

We’re committed to long-term, lasting improvements in the policies and procedures that ensure a dedication to quality, safety and superiority across all standards. Accreditation requires dedication, teamwork and commitment from the entire team to ensure you get the best quality patient experience.

Accreditation and beyond

There are several ways we go above and beyond accreditation to ensure you receive the very best dental care, including:

  • annual audits conducted across all standards
  • bi-annual performance reviews for all staff
  • careful and considered selection of our dentists
  • commitment to providing ethical dentistry
  • all our dentists are Australian qualified and registered with our industry governing body
  • every team member is required to have a current Working with Children Check and Police Check
  • a range of professional education, coaching and development available for all team members
  • recognition and support of all our administrative staff for the role they play in providing the very best customer service beyond the dental chair
  • continuous quality improvement
  • a variety of initiatives to give back to the community and promote healthy dental awareness
  • a combination of the art and science of dentistry to provide the very best quality care for our patients.

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