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At Pennant Hills Dental Centre, we provide professional dental care that caters to the whole family’s dental needs. The aim of general dentistry is to help you achieve and maintain your best oral health. General dentistry encompasses a wide range of dental services, all aimed at keeping your teeth and gums in optimal condition. This preventative style of dentistry minimises your risk of running into serious dental problems down the track and maximises your chances of having healthy teeth and gums for life!

Regular dental check-ups and a great at-home dental care routine are key ingredients to a healthy smile. It’s never too late to take better care of your teeth. If you’ve neglected your oral health over the years for whatever reason, our compassionate dentists and dental hygienist are here to help you get it back on track.

We love taking care of our local community and aim to ensure that every visit to our Pennant Hills dental clinic is an enjoyable experience.

General Dentistry in Pennant Hills

Our comprehensive suite of general dentistry services caters to the whole family’s oral health care needs:
A comprehensive dental examination and professional clean leaves you with squeaky clean teeth and clarity surrounding your current oral health. These routine appointments allow your dentist to pick up on any potential issues while they’re still small and easy to treat. Dental check-ups create the perfect opportunity for you to ask your dentist questions and get some great personalised advice on how to care for your teeth and gums at home in between dental visits.
It’s not uncommon to need a filling at some stage in your life. Dental fillings are a reliable, long-lasting method for fixing little holes or spots of damage on your teeth – most typically caused by tooth decay. Dental fillings help prevent the spread of decay to other healthy parts of your tooth. We only use white fillings, which are set on placement. This means no unnecessary waiting to chew and smile with confidence again.
We’re proud to offer you the latest in Endodontic (root canal) treatment technology available. Root canal therapy can save a tooth that might otherwise need extraction. Our experienced Pennant Hills dentists have performed countless successful root canal treatments. Endodontic treatment can treat a damaged or dying nerve in the tooth, leaving you with a healthy, natural-looking smile for years to come.
The health of your gums can be a major contributor to your oral health and general wellbeing. Periodontal therapy involves a deep clean of your gums, far beyond where your toothbrush can reach. Ensuring the health of your gums can help to avoid potential issues with the support structures around your teeth, preventing and managing loose teeth.
Our compassionate dentists can help relieve the pain and treat impacted wisdom teeth. This process generally begins with a comprehensive wisdom teeth assessment to determine if your wisdom teeth require removing and the best method for doing so. Whether you require a simple dental chair wisdom tooth extraction or a more complex extraction that needs a hospital visit, we can ensure you receive the gentle professional dental care you deserve.
Our Pennant Hills dental clinic offers a wide range of reputable oral surgery services, saving you the need for a referral for treatment externally. Our clinicians aim to ensure the entire process is stress-free and comfortable, from pre-surgery until you’re fully recovered. Your dental health is in safe hands with our experience.
Children love visiting us at Pennant Hills Dental Centre and we love supporting you through their dental milestones. Baby teeth play an important role, even though they’re not permanent. Apart from getting your child’s oral health off to a great start, bringing your child in for regular dental check-ups can help them develop a great relationship with their dentist early on and help them establish good oral health habits for life.
Our team at Pennant Hills Dental Centre operates a modern dental facility at the Anglican Retirement Villages (ARV) Castle Hill called “The Village Dentist”. The clinic provides a wide range of dental services to our elderly patients. The facility has wheelchair access and a special hydraulic lifter to guide disabled or non-ambulatory patients gently into the dental chair.
Whether your teeth need protection on the field or during the night while you sleep, our laboratories produce high quality, comfortable and durable mouthguards and bite splints. Protecting your teeth from the wear and tear that can occur during the night and safeguarding your mouth from sports-related injuries is always a good idea.
Over time, our jaws are subjected to repeated stresses and strains from chewing, talking, tooth grinding and habitual clenching. These stresses are collectively known as Bruxism and are frequently just a symptom of physical or emotional stress. We can offer solutions for preventing premature destruction of your teeth and relieving stress in your jaw.
It’s believed that obstructive sleep apnoea affects millions of people every year, but since it occurs during sleep, most are unaware they are suffering and thus it goes undiagnosed. Our Pennant Hills dentists are here to help diagnose sleep apnoea and other obstructive sleep disorders that affect the oral health of children and adults.

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