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Dentures provide a removable option for replacing multiple missing teeth. Dentures have been around for a long time now and remain a tried and tested popular and cost-effective solution. Even though dentures have been around for quite some time, they have progressed significantly thanks to modern dentistry. These days, dentures are a lot more comfortable and natural-looking. Dentures are custom made just for you to create the perfect fit with your existing teeth and enhance your smile. Many patients love dentures because they can remove them to clean them and their mouths easily.

At Pennant Hills Dental Centre, our experienced dentists have helped many people in our local community regain their confidence through being able to eat, speak and smile with confidence once again thanks to replacing missing teeth with high-quality, optimally fitting dentures. Not only do we provide the highest quality dental materials, but we also consistently deliver an exceptional patient experience.

Types of dentures

At our Pennant Hills dental practice, we offer both partial and complete dentures. Which type you need may depend on your case. Partial dentures are used to replace one or a few missing teeth. Complete dentures are used to replace entire rows of missing teeth on either your upper or lower jaw or both.

Full dentures

These are typically the dentures of choice when there are no teeth present in the upper or lower jaws. These dentures act as a tooth replacement tool, allowing you to chew your food adequately. Full dentures can also offer essential support to your lips, smile, and other facial features. Some recipients of full dentures report that they find it difficult to function with them and may often resort to having dental implants placed to avoid unwanted movement during daily function. Other patients use this treatment as an interim removable prosthesis, with the eventual goal being a dental implant-supported fixed prosthesis.

Partial dentures

We provide two types of partial dentures:

  • Cast metal frame dentures: These dentures have a precision cast metal frame that creates an exact fit for the surrounding teeth. Because these kinds of dentures rely heavily on surrounding teeth, it’s important that said teeth are in good condition to support the load once the denture replaces the missing teeth. Regular maintenance and dental visits are required to keep cast metal frame dentures (and your existing teeth) in good condition.
  • Acrylic dentures: These are the most cost-effective form of removable partial dentures. They may be indicated as an interim denture when surrounding teeth have an uncertain prognosis or whilst we perform treatments on the surrounding teeth to provide a stable environment amenable to the prescription of a cast metal frame denture or dental implants.

Partial and full dentures in Pennant Hills

Quality dentists, quality dentures

Choosing a top-quality dentist when having your dentures made is important. At Pennant Hills Dental Centre, we use only the best in the latest technology and materials when making and fitting your dentures. With quality dentures, you can get years of wear out of them while enjoying a smile that looks like your own.

If you’re unsure if dentures are right for you, don’t worry. During a consultation with one of our experienced and genuinely caring Pennant Hills dentists, they’ll perform a comprehensive oral examination to determine your suitability for this tooth replacement option and provide you with all the information you require for deciding confidently about how to proceed.

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