Project Description

Another method of replacing missing teeth and improving dental function is the use of dentures. There are 3 major types of denture that can be fabricated depending on the needs of the patient:

Full Dentures

This is the denture of choice when there are no teeth present on the upper or lower jaws. They will act as a tool allowing you to chew your food adequately, support your lips/facial features and smile confidently. Some recipients of this treatment option report that they find it difficult to function with them and may often resort to having dental implants placed to anchor the dentures in place to stop unwanted movement during daily function. Other patients use this treatment as an interim removable prosthesis with the final goal being a dental implant supported fixed prosthesis.

Partial Dentures

Cast Metal Frame Dentures

These dentures have a precision cast metal frame that fits exactly to the surrounding teeth. Due to their reliance on surrounding teeth, it is important that said teeth are in good condition to support the load of the once missing teeth that have been replaced by the denture. Regular maintenance and visits to the dentist are required to keep these in good condition to ensure they are not lost as addition of teeth to this style of denture can be very difficult/impossible and may mean the denture will need to be remade.

Acrylic Dentures

These are the most cost effective form of removable partial denture. They may be indicated as an interim denture when surrounding teeth have an uncertain prognosis or whilst treatments are performed on the teeth to provide a stable environment amenable to prescription of a cast metal frame denture or dental implant replacement of a missing tooth/teeth.