Project Description

At Pennant Hills Dental Centre, we want to help prevent you having problems with your teeth. We also strongly believe in helping you maintain the work you have already had done in the past. Because NO ONE wants an unexpected dental emergency on a Friday afternoon, Christmas Eve or to spoil your holiday.

Our Responsibility

  1. Education – giving you the right information for your individual home oral maintenance programs and dietary advice which are age appropriate to help you make informed decisions regarding your teeth and what it takes to keep them in working order.
  2. Comprehensive examinations and professional cleaning

Your Responsibility

  1. Ask questions so we can tailor a program to you. Information on ‘Dr Google’ can be misleading, confusing and incorrect so let us provide you with evidence based answers to your questions
  2. Come see us regularly – things change over time and if we don’t see you for years at a time, it’s hard for us to care for you and keep you up to date with the latest information. If we can check things out regularly it also means we can catch things while they are ‘small, seemingly painless’ issues and avoid a bigger/more painful/more invasive dental treatments down the track.