Project Description

At Pennant Hills Dental Centre we can use anti-wrinkle injectables (such as Botox or Dysport) to discretely complement our more traditional dental work to create the perfect facial aesthetics.

Our goal is to help you rejuvenate your natural looks – not to make you look like someone else.

What is an anti-wrinkle injectable?

The popular term Botox is actually a trade name for Botulinum Toxin Type A, which is a purified natural protein that acts to reduce muscle activity. This essentially means when Botox or Dysport (the anti-wrinkle injectable) is injected into muscles their activity can be reduced, and the overlying skin will regain a smooth, youthful glow. The use of Botox or Dysport can also be used for pain relief from clenching and grinding if injected into the overactive jaw muscles.

What is Botox and Dysport used for?

  • To relieve pain caused by clenching and grinding of teeth.
  • To relieve frown lines between your eyebrows, lines across your forehead or ‘crows feet’.
  • To lessen a ‘gummy’ smile.

Why is Dr Harley offering Botox or Dysport to her patients?

As a dentist, Dr Harley has spent most of her professional life working with faces, smiles and general aesthetics. Her knowledge of facial anatomy and experience with providing painless injections makes her the perfect choice when considering anti-wrinkle injections to complement your beautiful smile. As a female, she understands procedures like this should be discrete and natural.

Things to know:

  1. After facial analysis the administration takes approximately 15 minutes.
  2. The results last for about 3-6 months.
  3. It takes about 2 weeks to see the full effect, however you will begin to see effects after 2-7 days.
  4. People won’t notice, they will just think you look less stressed and less angry.
  5. It doesn’t hurt – much. You will definitely feel the pricks, but nothing enough to warrant asking for a break or thinking about it afterwards.
  6. Dosages vary from person to person, typically we recommend you come in for a consultation and Dr Harley can discuss how much she thinks you will need to get your desired effect. Generally we start with a low dose and review how you are going after 2 weeks. We can always do a little top up if required.
  7. Sometimes you can experience some bruising at the sites of injection, this can easily be covered with makeup however we do recommend if you are having anti-wrinkle injections to get a look for a special occasion to give yourself a couple of weeks grace so we can get the look you want.
  8. We advise people not touch the treatment area for 4-6 hours after administration. For 24 hours we recommend avoiding massaging the area, having facials, laser treatments, exercise, undertake air travel or anything that may stimulate the product to migrate from where it is injected.