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New Patient Information

//New Patient Information
New Patient Information 2017-08-28T17:25:13+00:00
What are the costs involved? 2017-02-08T01:21:26+00:00

Your initial consultation will cost you $107. It is also expected that two x-rays may be necessary, x-rays are $59 each. During your consultation we will discuss our findings so together we can come up with a dental plan that will suit your budget and dental needs.

How long will the procedure take? 2017-02-08T02:06:41+00:00

There are many different types of dental procedures and each take a different amount of time. Before we make an appointment for you we will always let you know how long you can expect to be here. Typically we allow 45 minutes for new patient consultations.

Will I get treatment on the day? 2017-02-08T01:24:02+00:00

If you are in pain – yes. Please let our reception staff know so we can allow sufficient time to help relieve your pain.

If you are not in pain – generally we don’t provide treatment on the day, we would prefer to accumulate the correct records, so we can devise a treatment plan and a written quotation for you to consider. Often there are many ways of achieving your desired dental outcomes and we pride ourselves on providing you the opportunity to decide what suits you best. After all they are your teeth.

Will my health insurance cover my bill? 2017-02-08T02:03:20+00:00

Private health insurance will pay a percentage towards your dental treatment. With the use of our Hicaps terminal we can make the claim directly and you just pay the gap. Every claim is different and the amount you will receive will depend on the level of cover you hold.

I am terrified of the dentist, can you still help me? 2017-02-08T01:50:35+00:00

If you are anxious or worried about seeing a dentist because you haven’t been to one for a while and that you may experience a hard time, please don’t be.

Many patients worry about pain, however we offer pain relief treatment and will do whatever we can to make your experience as pain and stress free as possible.

You may be embarrassed about the state of your teeth. Here at Pennant Hills Dental Centre we are here to help you. There is no need to feel embarrassed about not having dental treatment done in the past or ignoring the recommendations of earlier dentists.

Finally, people worry about cost, we aim to provide good value dentistry, the right treatment at the right price. We do not compromise on our level of service, safety or hygiene. The longer you leave your dental care the more complex problems become. More complex problems require more complex solutions which can be expensive. So don’t delay, come in, know your options and be informed and in control of your oral health.

My teeth are in terrible condition, can you still help me? 2017-02-08T01:27:25+00:00

You are not alone, many people avoid the dentist because they are embarrassed about the condition of their teeth. We’re here to solve these issues and we have seen everything.

We’ll listen to your concerns, make sure you’re comfortable and treat you with compassion and respect. It gives us no greater pleasure than seeing you delighted with your new smile.

If my teeth are in poor condition is there a risk to the rest of my health? 2017-02-08T01:31:55+00:00

Good oral health is crucial to maintaining the health of your entire body. A regular oral health routine, including brushing and flossing, not only keeps your smile healthy but can also improve total body health and your quality of life.

At Pennant Hills Dental Centre we are strong advocates about educating our patients on the multiple benefits of good oral health to ensure their teeth last a lifetime; after all, prevention is always better than a cure. Below are 5 benefits of good oral health that go beyond white teeth and fresh breath! For more information, see “How is my oral health connected to my overall health and wellbeing?” here.

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